Image of Angel's Pain (Wings in the Night)


Image of Angel's Pain (Wings in the Night)

Shayne's latest is a treat for fans of
her long-running Wings in the Night series, since several beloved characters reappear. Additionally, Briar and Reaper are well matched, and their sexually charged banter is a joy to read.

Vampiress Briar never planned to join Reaper's gang of vamps, Chosen and humans, fighting the outlaw vamp Gregor and his army of drones. Briar tells herself that all she cares about is settling the score with Gregor -- and Martin Rose, the abusive stepfather who put her on the streets. But that's not strictly true, as Briar discovers when the young vampiress Crisa, with whom she shares a strong blood bond, falls into Gregor's hands -- and Reaper puts his life on the line to save her. What Briar and Reaper share is more lust than love, but she's suddenly willing to do whatever it takes to make certain he survives. (MIRA, Oct., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer