Geralyn Dawson takes a new twist, along with a new name. While there is a Callahan brother in this book, the author moves from suspense to sweet small-town romance, with spiritual healing as the centerpiece. This is the first in a trilogy, and if you like them sugary, this will be a nice afternoon treat.

Eternity Springs is an idyllic tiny town in the Colorado mountains that is trying to find a way to keep from passing into eternity. A core of devoted townsfolk really feel that the place offers solace and wholeness to their troubled spirits, but how to make the town viable is the problem. This is a real concern to town vet Nic Sullivan, who loves the peace the place brings her after an awful divorce, but is having trouble making a living. She is joined in her booster efforts by a group of friends including Celeste, a relative newcomer, who has great faith in Eternity Springs. Grieving widower Gabe Callahan doesn’t care at all about where he is, or the future of any place, being shrouded in the darkness of his sorrow. Then a Christmas encounter that is a passionate combination of emotions changes everything between Nic and Gabe. Celeste decides that the answer for the town’s troubles is a healing spa, built around the hot springs, and draws Gabe and Nic into her plans. Can Eternity Springs really heal wounds of the heart? Will its magic work for Gabe and Nic? (BALLANTINE, Feb., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan