Burke's second outing featuring smart, straight-shooting Ellie Hatcher, who made a rapid rise to NYPD homicide detective, has a case that comes together a bit too easily, and then the story really begins. The killer's thoughts are interspersed throughout the story, which might give away who it is before Ellie figures it out. But by then, readers will be hooked and won't want to miss how it all goes down.

Ellie catches the case of a young woman who is found dead with her blond hair hacked off. Chelsea Hart was a college student from Indiana on spring break who found her way into the New York nightclub scene. A seemingly tight case is quickly built against a hedge-fund manager, and the police and district attorney couldn't be happier.

Then an unexpected tip sends Ellie to some cold cases, which leads her in a completely different direction. She soon realizes that she's gone from hunter to prey. A psychopathic killer now has her firmly in his sights. (HARPER, Sep., 352 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers