If tall, tattooed and silent is your type, then you will absolutely love Parker. His isolation and inability to communicate will make you want to give him a huge hug. Just watch out for Angel. As his mate, she is fiercely protective and she has a strong inner wolf just waiting to get free. The way that Angel and Parker’s wolves are portrayed as characters themselves is especially interesting as are the other paranormal elements in the story. While the mating ritual, which involves soul swapping, is a bit melodramatic, the ultra hot bedroom scenes more than make up for the overly sentimental parts.

Wolf shifter Angel Kane’s adopted pack in New Orleans is in chaos. Without a strong Alpha, it has become a dangerous place where strong male shifters force women into mating. Angel decides to leave without having a destination in mind. Although she has family in Westervelt, Maine, there has been violent incidents in this pack as well. While on the run, trying to figure out her next step, Angel ends up at a roadside dinner in New Jersey where the wolf inside of her senses her mate. 

Parker Liberty is in hiding, working at a diner as a dishwasher. He doesn’t want to remember his old life in the Westervelt pack. As a child, he watched his father kill his mother and he is afraid he will turn into a monster himself. The trauma was so overwhelming that Parker has not spoken a word since. He has isolated himself completely and stayed away from his kind, refusing to look for a mate because he is afraid that he will hurt her. Then Angel walks into his restaurant and Parker has no choice but to confront the beautiful woman who holds the keys to his future in the pack that he has avoided his entire adult life. (LIQUID SILVER BOOKS, July 2011, dl., $5.75) 

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne