Six months after her divorce from a philandering husband, party planner Naomi Delacroix decides to become a "tigress," a domineering, no-nonsense woman who uses men for her needs and nothing more ... until irresistible millionaire Royce Powell asks her to plan his mother's surprise party.

Royce has been in love with Naomi since she planned the party of one of his friends six months ago. However, he is accepting applications for a wife, which contradicts his claim of his love for her.

Despite Royce's distasteful search for a wife and Naomi's fear that all men are cheaters, she finds that her "inner tigress" cowers every time she is with him. Through patience, love and kindness, he vows to prove to her that not all men are bad.

Showalter's plot has a very simple "playing hard to get" theme. It builds readers up, then lets them down time and time again. Naomi is not a likable person and, at times, quite annoying, but Royce's likability provides a nice balance to her character. Despite the heroine's flaws, this novel is a good read with tastefully written sex scenes. (May, 304 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Autumn M. Harrison