Image of Animal Magnetism


Image of Animal Magnetism

Shalvis’ series starter is a delightful story of two self-reliant people who express their independence in very different ways. The secondary characters, and the peeks into their stories, are wonderful, especially the hunky guys and the numerous and lovable animals.

Lilah Young first meets Brady Miller when she runs into him — literally — in Sunshine, Idaho. Lilah is part owner of Sunshine Kennels, which boards pets as well as acts as an animal rescue shelter. Brady is ex-Special Forces, a pilot and a photographer. He has come to Sunshine to visit his foster brothers and restore an old helicopter they bought. Attracted to one another with strong chemistry from their first meeting, Lilah and Brady start a fling that both accept will end when Brady leaves in a month. Lilah knows it will break her heart, as letting go of even those animals she only keeps for a few days does, but it’s Brady who is unable to accept it when the time comes and she lets him go. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Feb., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley