Laurell K. Hamilton makes anger a very memorable weapon in this installment of her Anita Blake graphic novel series, which gathers comic issues #1-5. Whether a reader is already an Anita Blake fan or trying the series for the first time, this is a good place to start. Although the story is slow-paced in some places, heavy with dialogue, the overall plot has energy that will make readers come back for more. Anita Blake shines with confidence, sexiness and skill as she takes on the undead. And even though it's sometimes a struggle to survive, her capable nature makes her even more appealing. Hamilton always gives readers explosive stories and Lim’s sharp and concise art complements her style!

Necromancer extraordinaire Anita Blake is being asked to share sensitive information about the resting place of the Master of the City. She could never reveal those details, as the Master, Jean-Claude, is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to her. But members of the Humans First cult won't be denied, they believe all vampires need to eliminated. That's not the only thing going on, a group of serial killer vampires are committing horrific murders. Anita and the rest of the police "spook squad" agree these bad vamps need the stake. Additionally, there are problems at the circus. When giant Cobra attacks the audience, Anita must conquer the creature and deal with the consequences. Only one good thing comes out of it, she meets Richard Zeeman, a man whom she cannot deny her attraction to. What's next for Anita, the woman who is nicknamed the Executioner? (MARVEL ENTERPRISES, INC., July 2011, 120 pp., $16.99, Comic, ISBN: 9780785146896)

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Reviewed by: 
Ruth Walters