Each night, librarian Annabelle Lee dreams of indulging in wicked pleasures with Mike Sloan. But in the daylight, she's always her conservative self. When Mike saunters into the library and makes his own erotic desires known, Annabelle can't resist turning her sensual dreams into reality. She believes she doesn't have what it takes to tempt a man with forever, but she hopes she can hold onto Mike for a little while.

Mike has been watching Annabelle for months and waiting for the perfect moment to coax her into bed. He suspects that beneath her conservative attire lies a passionate woman. Now he has to convince this insecure beauty that he wants more than a brief affair.

Although this steamy tale is light on plot, Annabelle and Mike generate more than enough sizzle to keep the pages turning. In addition to the passion, readers will enjoy Annabelle's emotional journey to find her confidence and self-esteem. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell