Image of Annabelle's Courtship


Image of Annabelle's Courtship

Sparks fly in this delightful battle of the sexes. Enchanting characters and a suspenseful secondary plot enhance this engaging story.

Ian MacKay must find an English wife to satisfy the terms of his stepfather's will. His estates are in sad repair and he needs the money. When he meets Lady Annabelle, he realizes she's perfect, so he proposes and recites his list of requirements. Although Lady Annabelle was named "The Ordinary" during her first season, she is appalled at Ian's stipulations. Wanting to marry for love, she refuses his suit and arms herself for battle when he tells her they'll be married by the end of the season.

A more sinister suitor is after Annabelle's fortune and makes multiple attempts to kidnap her and force her into wedlock. Will Annabelle be saved from a marriage that could ruin the rest of her life? (Samhain, Oct., 296 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown