This high-action plot careens along the edge between traditional Regency and gritty, intense historical. This innovative mix carries themes on the healing powers of love and survival.

Ian Sinclair, younger son of an earl and not entirely healed of battle wounds, finds himself named guardian of his Colonels daughter, Anne. Out of duty, he decides to give her a season with all the opportunity for a good marriage that it implies.

Anne, although uncertain of the sudden change in her fortunes, consents. All plans, however, are interrupted by the first of several attacks; this one by highwaymen on Ians disabled carriage. In spite of his unhealed war injuries, Ian fights to protect Anne, but its her display of courage that rescues them both.

As Ian recovers, his older brother doesnt want him to continue dealing with Anne. She is her fathers daughter, which will bring scandal, but also because of the danger the duty has already presented to Ians health. Ian is already won over by Annes courage and compelled by his attraction to her to keep her as his ward. He believes his poor health eliminates him as a suitor but stoically determines that shell have her season and the chance at happiness it offers.

Its her courage that Anne will need most to survive the loss of her sheltered life, to avoid marriage to her first suitor, and to win the man she really wantsIan Sinclair. Sensual. (Mar., 220 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger