Image of Annie's Christmas Wish: Quilts of Lancaster County - Book 4


Image of Annie's Christmas Wish: Quilts of Lancaster County - Book 4

The fourth book in the Quilts of Lancaster County series is a well-written tale of life in the Amish community as well as a glimpse at what it is like for them when they step out of their comfort zone. Experiencing New York through the eyes of an Amish family helps the reader envision how different city life is from the Amish community. The reader gets the full experience of being in New York at Christmastime with a look at Lincoln Center, a trip to the Central Park Zoo and ice skating in Central Park.

After losing her mother when she was very young, Annie has only known Jenny as a maternal figure. Jenny acts as a stepmother and mentor to Annie as she wants to become a successful writer just like Jenny. Both of their dreams are about to come true: They’ve been invited to New York to attend an award ceremony for Jenny and her friend for the work they did helping children in countries ravaged by war. Being in New York opens Annie’s eyes to all the things out there for her to be and do. Sadly Aaron, who has recently gone from friend to more than a friend, fears he is going to lose Annie to the big city. After touring a TV studio and a newspaper, Annie is offered a writing internship and must choose between her love of writing and her love for a good man. (ABINGDON, Oct., 304 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Michele Hagenlock