Since childhood, Gwen of Seagrave has wanted to marry Rhys de Paegent, though she is betrothed to weak-willed Alain of Ayre. But Rhys is a landless knight with no money with which to bribe Gwens guardian into changing his plans.

No matter her desire, Gwen is compelled to marry Alain, and for the transgression of loving Gwen, Rhys is forced to serve Alain for two years as the captain of Gwens guards in payment for his own land.

Rhys serves well and gallantly. But when his time is up, he leaves to raise funds and an army to claim his lands. He promises to write Gwen and return for her with the kings permission to annul her marriage or divorce Alain.

But Rollan, Alains brother, intercepts their letters and for three years Gwen worries about Rhys while her husband continues his life without her. Upon Rhys return new problems erupt and the lovers risk everything to claim their forbidden love.

Lynn Kurland weaves a vivid and realistic tapestry combining threads of history, humor, and romance. Fans of Roberta Gellis should not miss this fabulous read. SENSUAL (Dec., 417 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin