Luke Nolan is a dead man walking on his way to the electric chair. Demonstrators outside the prison wall are protesting the execution and Sofie has been sent inside to infiltrate the chamber and stop the killing. Suddenly, there is an explosion that sends them back through time.

Sofie has no memory of her life before the explosion, but Luke believes she is the doctor in the death chamber. Now they are thrust into other lives in a small town desperate for help.

The townsfolk have been struck by a smallpox epidemic and must rely on Dr. Sofie and Luke for help. Though Luke is wary of the situation, they have no choice but to pitch in.

Though many die, others recover and Luke and Sofie begin to fit into the town. Luke begins to believe that he has a second chance at life if the future doesnt come into the past to claim his life.

Deb Stover is an original and her time travel romances are unique, clever, intelligent, intriguing and romantic. ANOTHER DAWN is a thinking womans paranormal romance with twists and turns, thought-provoking ideas and just the right balance of romance and time travel to satisfy every fan of the genre. (Jan., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin