Image of Another Piece of My Heart


Image of Another Piece of My Heart

Mothers (and especially stepmothers) everywhere will love Green’s latest novel. Another Piece of My Heart tugs at reader’s heartstrings and explores what it means to be a mother. Green’s writing is captivating from the first page until the very last.

Andi is married to the man of her dreams, but because of her volatile relationship with Emily, her teenage stepdaughter, and Andi’s longing for a child of her own, her marriage hits a rough patch. Ethan, Andi’s husband, always sides with his daughter. When an unexpected development occurs, Andi is left wondering why her husband can’t see that his daughter is very troubled and considers leaving Ethan. (ST. MARTIN’S, Mar., 400 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Mandy Boles