For decades, the beach house has been a place for giving and sharing love. Because its current owners have just moved back East, the house is once again doing business as a summer rental.

High school reunions are a place to reflect on the past, and for Andrew Wells, hopefully an opportunity to get a second chance at love. Cheryl Cunningham was devastated by Andrews rejection when they were in high school. Is she now ready to listen to his explanation of the past?

Attorney Kelly Anderson is attending a seminar by renowned marine biologist Matt Landry. However, the reason for Kellys attendance is to size up the opposition, for Kelly is looking for a weakness to exploit in court. Unfortunately, their electric attraction is going to place Kelly in a very difficult position.

Later that summer the house plays host to a family in crisis. The loss of a child has nearly destroyed Craig and Ann Davis marriage. Their remaining child Jeremy is also among the walking wounded. Can the house deliver its special brand of healing magic?

In the final segment, Cheryl brings three underprivileged teenage girls to the beach for a taste of life outside their own rough worlds.

Perennial favorite Georgia Bockoven uses her incomparable storytelling magic to weave together four touching and intertwining tales of love discovered and regained. (Dec., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith