Image of Another Wild Wedding Night


Image of Another Wild Wedding Night
ANOTHER WILD WEDDING NIGHT (4) by Leslie Kelly: The Halloween-weekend wedding of Amanda Bauer and Reese Campbell in a rural Illinois town provides the setting for a series of fun, flirty stories. In “First Kiss,” bridesmaid Bonnie Campbell confronts arrogant but sexy movie star Drew Ericson, whose film shoot in town is threatening to disrupt her new sister-in-law’s perfect wedding. In “Halfway There,” maid of honor Jocelyn Wilkes has resigned herself to a life of one-night-stands until the out-of-her-league, drop-dead-gorgeous Blake Marshall indicates he might be up for something more. And in “Last Call,” bridesmaid Abby Bauer’s fiancé, handsome corporate attorney Keith Manning, tries to reignite their faltering relationship by sweeping Abby off her feet.
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Andrew Shaffer