Image of Another Woman: A Novel


Image of Another Woman: A Novel

Vincenzi’s sprawling book is filled with secret babies, secret passions and secret lives. The numerous plots and characters are deftly handled by this seasoned author with the tension ramped up by keeping the main action to just two days.

Cressida is getting married at her family home near Oxford, England, with all of her friends and family in attendance. But on the morning of the wedding, she disappears without a trace and for no apparent reason. Over the next two days, secrets old and new are revealed as the crisis brings out both the best and worst in everyone. Her sister, Harriet, while worried, believes this is just another game of Cressida’s, especially as messages start to arrive from the runaway bride. As the mystery deepens, everyone begins to question what they know about this woman who has always appeared to be the perfect daughter, sister, lover and wife-to-be. Just like Cressida, others attending the wedding are not always who they seem to be. In the end, no one and no relationship will be quite the same. (OVERLOOK, Feb., 512 pp., $27.95, Reissue)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison