Image of Antiques Maul (Trash 'n' Treasures Mysteries, No. 2)


Image of Antiques Maul (Trash 'n' Treasures Mysteries, No. 2)

Husband-and-wife writing duo Max Allan and Barbara Collins are in fine form with the second book in their witty, tightly written series. Brandy Borne's family is eccentric, and the small town
of Serenity sounds charming. This is a laugh-out-loud-funny mystery peppered with clues that have been scattered with calculated nonchalance.

Divorcee Brandy is about to go nuts when her mother quits the local theater group after losing the director's position. To keep Mom out of trouble Brandy decides to keep her busy with a booth at a new antiques mall. Things get complicated around Halloween, however, when they stumble over the badly mauled body of the mall's owner, and Mom doesn't believe a pit bull is responsible. Pretty soon, the two are poking into pretty sensitive places to save the dog, and when Brandy's son Jake is kidnapped, a merely eerie Halloween night turns into a real terror. (Kensington, Sep., 240 pp., $22.00)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper