This sexy, provocative tale captures
the imagination. The rich description
of the Regency period and its mores
is mesmerizing. The protagonists are fascinating in their quest to hide their
vulnerability from the other. But the plot is predictable. Readers will delight in the scorching love scenes, yet are advised that this book also contains a few same-sex scenes and a threesome.

Lord Gideon Harcourt has not courted a woman since his wife's death, preferring less complicated liaisons with men. Meeting Anthony Smith, really Antonia Maxwell in disguise, changes all of that. Gideon promises to show Antonia the habits of men when women are not around only if she gives him the opportunity to seduce her.

Antonia is quite willing to trade her heiress status to ensure a husband-free bed, as she fears the intimacy of the marriage bed and pregnancy. Since he believes he has the potential to fall in love with Antonia, Gideon must help her conquer her fears to make their scandalous bargain a permanent contract, marriage. (, dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart