Image of Antonides' Forbidden Wife


Image of Antonides' Forbidden Wife

ANTONIDES' FORBIDDEN WIFE (4) by Anne McAllister Ten years after their marriage in Hawaii (and having seen each other only twice since then), Ally Maruyama finds that her husband, businessman PJ Antonides, is living in New York. Because PJ married her, Ally was able to gain control of an inheritance and find not only herself but also a lucrative career. She's ready to settle down with a new fiance but needs a divorce. To her surprise, Ally learns that PJ wants to give their marriage a shot. After all, Ally does owe him a rather large favor. The familiar marriage-of-convenience plot spins into a heartwarming story of two people who discover each other after years apart. Readers will root for this engaging pair to find their way to each other sooner than later!

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers