The Antonides Marriage Deal (4), by Anne McAllister, introduces readers to handsome and determined Greek magnate Elias Antonides. Elias has sacrificed everything, including his marriage, to salvage the family business, so he's furious to discover that his father sold a portion of the business and allowed the buyer to name his daughter president. Tallie Savas is thrilled that her father is finally giving her an opportunity to prove her business acumen, but she doesn't count on her new partner being unbelievably attractive and hostile. It isn't long before Tallie has everyone, including Elias, eating out of her hands -- and Elias wondering if a partnership of a personal nature is possible. Elias and Tallie are each likeable and dynamic. Together they share a sizzling chemistry that's evident in their lighter moments and their steamy love scenes.
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider