Image of Any Man I Want (The Montgomerys)


Image of Any Man I Want (The Montgomerys)

Any Man I Want is a story that nabs readers’ attention from the very first chapter, drawing them so deeply into the story that it’s disappointing when it comes to an end! Readers will love the fast-paced action as well as the unorthodox romance.

Katrina Montgomery, fashion designer and former model, has design company that’s doing well and a reputation that is stellar. Her personal life, however, is woefully lacking. She just dumped the CEO of a successful company, who told her that she would rue the day she discarded him. Suddenly, there are lewd photos of her posted online and her life starts to fall apart. Real estate mogul Carter “Big Sexy” Parks, her brother’s best friend — and the one man that Katrina cannot bend to her will — rides to her rescue. They work to discover who is trying to destroy her while navigating emotional obstacles to forging a lasting relationship. (DAFINA, Aug., 288 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims