Major Jack "Cobra" Korba has flown his share of dangerous missions, but never one this personal. Rescuing three hostages from war-torn Rubistan will be difficult enough without his ex, flight surgeon Monica Hyatt, joining the mission. Jack, still reeling from their broken relationship, knows he cannot afford any distractions. But her sister is one of the hostages, and Monica will not stay behind.

Monica vows to rescue her sister and stay out of Jack's bed. But Jack has a hold on her heart that cannot be shaken. As the danger and tension escalate in Rubistan, Monica and Jack's desire turns steamy hot. With lives on the line and time running out, will Jack and Monica's love survive ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME?

Mann continues her popular Wingmen Warrior series with this action-packed romance. Readers will be delighted to find not only a riveting central story, but also two very diverse, heart-tugging secondary romances. Mann revisits familiar characters, introduces new ones and brings to life the strength of the military family. This is a guaranteed page-turner filled with heroes and heroines passionate about love and duty. (Mar., 304 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell