Victoria Ashford is a supermodel until a freak accident burns her face. She is contemplating ending it all when a chance meeting with a mystic gives her a new life-literally!

Victoria awakens as pregnant Irish maid Sheila Casey in 1898 Boston. Her child is adopted by a prominent architect and his sickly wife, but Victoria decides to be reunited with her baby.

Widower Jack Wilkins is at his wits end trying to keep a nurse for his infant daughter. When he finds Victoria, Jack hires her on the spot, despite her funny way of speaking. Neither one is prepared for love. But standing in their way is Victoria's secret past, Jack's jealous sister-in-law and Sheila's "husband." The road to love and future happiness is paved with betrayals, revenge and murder.

ANYTHING FOR LOVE is a tale of second chances at life worth living and at a love worth all the risks. Though the romance is slow to build (and when it does the hero and heroine seem more people of the 1990's than the 1890's in their modern thinking), time-travel fans will find this enjoyable. (Nov., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin