Gypsy Elliott works as head cook at a logging camp, too busy to mollycoddle an injured greenhorn, but stuck with Adam Lassiter anyway. Adams broken ankle isn't real. Hes in the north woods to find out who wants to kill Gypsys boss, Calvin Farley. Adams lame leg immediately present fewer difficulties than Gypsys passionate response to him, and his to her.

But Adam isnt the only one who has a hidden, true identity and thats the most engaging part about Jo Ann Fergusons love story. Gypsy, not her real name, has a secret connection to Adams boss and shes been receiving threatening, I-know-who-you-are letters. Can people fall in love if each must hide who they really are from the other? More important for both Adam and Gypsy, falling in love represents having the courage to risk painful loss. Based on past experience, Gypsy is convinced that everyone she loves dies and Adam, also because of the past, is convinced he can trust no woman with his heart.

The idyllic setting and developing relationship take center stage until logging accidents and murder interfere and the plot speeds into high gear. The logging camp lore and secondary characters are completely engaging and, although the ending is more puzzle than surprise, this is a prime read, especially for Jo Ann Ferguson fans. Sensual (Apr., 316 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger