The queen of time travel romance has returned! Constance ODay Flannery brought about the rebirth of the genre and once again brings readers a moving tale that spans the centuries and brings two people together in the timeless realm created by love.

Mairie Callahan skydives from a plane, over the Nevada desert, and into another dimension. To Civil War soldier Jack Delaney she seems to fall from the sky into his arms as tangible proof of the Paiutes visions and his own gift from the sky.

Though Mairie is disoriented, she feels a certain peace when she comes to the Paiute village. She knows she has traveled through time for a reason. Her brother is dying of cancer and somehow she has been given the opportunity of finding a cure.

Mairie must depend upon Jack to fulfill her destiny in the past and bring a cure to the future. But there are others, from the 20th century, who might prevent Mairie from completing her mission.

Together with Jack she will do whatever she must to secure the plants, the knowledge and the respect for the Native American culture and the earth, in order to find a way to return home. But will she have to lose the man she has come to love in the process?

Reading ANYWHERE YOU ARE is a wonderful experience. You will be filled with hope and a belief in magic and the reality of love. Constance ODay Flannery does not flinch from opening new doors into the time travel continuum or from stretching the boundaries of the genre. When you finish the last page you will not only breathe a deep sigh of joy, but you will also feel renewed and imbued with faith. (Jan., 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin