Chino Whitehorses dreams have taken him to Abigail Madisons ranch to protect her horses. It is not unusual for the Apache to heed the spirits, but it is strange that he feels at home at the Flying M.

Since her husband was murdered by Indians, Abigail isnt about to trust an Apache, but as a widow with two small children, she realizes she needs help to hold onto her land. Builder Neville Warner wants Abbys ranch and Chino is intent upon helping Abby, since it was Warner who ordered his family killed.

Warners next drastic move forces them both to face their need for one another and the necessity to join forces to triumph.

While the plot is not new, Abby and Chino and their passion for each other heat up the pages. What is atypical is the fact that Abby makes the first move, giving in to the needs of her body and her heart. Readers who enjoy strong women and the men who love them will adore Ms. Hartes latest. SENSUAL (Oct., 364 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner