Framed for the murder of two Federal agents, half-breed Latigo is a day ahead of a posse. Wounded, he stops at the Colby ranch for help.

The widow Rose Colby saw her parents massacred by Indians and the last thing she wants is to help one now, but her husband owed Latigo his life and she is obliged to help him.

They circle each other like enemies—wary, alert. Latigo finds Rose an innocent fool who believes in fairness and justice. There is none for Indians in a white world.

He in turn renders her furious, miserable, ecstatic and wanton all at once. Rose wants to be left in peace with her son and her ranch, but Latigos presence places her in the middle of danger, deceit and violence.

Latigo is on the run from a gang of murdering businessmen known as The Ring, who are instigating the Indian wars for their own profit and they want Latigo dead. Rose convinces him to stay and clear his name, but in order to do this she must destroy her husbands reputation and her sons legacy for a man she hardly knows.

Enemies, lovers, raw passion, taut sexual tension, murder and revengeIndian romance fans are in for a treat with Elizabeth Lanes sizzling tale of forbidden love that will hook you until the last moment. SENSUAL (Nov., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer