The concluding novel in Janice Reams Hudson's unforgettable Apache Saga holds readers spellbound with the exciting tale of two fierce, passionate lovers.

Pace Colton has been estranged from his family by pride and then by imprisonment, but when his sister's step-daughter, Joanna, is taken captive by a malicious Mexican, Pace sets out to bring her home, not knowing that she is his destiny.

Pace, known by the Chiricahua Apache as "Fire Seeker," finds Joanna wandering in the Mexican desert. Together they manage to evade her pursuers, but their close proximity and the ever encroaching danger bring their simmering passions to the point of exploding.

When Pace is taken captive and brutally tortured, Joanna calls upon the rest of the Colton clan to help him heal. Though his body is crippled, it is Pace's pride that suffers the greatest injury. Joanna will do whatever she can, use whatever wiles she must, to reclaim Pace's love and help him regain not only his physical prowess, but his mental strength and warrior spirit.

APACHE FLAME is an explosive and passionate romance highlighting Ms. Hudson's remarkable talent for writing dramatic, emotionally intense love stories with the power and passion to put them among the very best of the genre. VERY SENSUAL (Apr., 387 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin