The remarkable Apache series continues in this tale of a proud Apache woman and the dedicated white man who claims her heart.

Seeing her father and Geronimo imprisoned has left an indelible mark on Chirichua Apache LaRisa Chee. Though she has attended school in Pennsylvania, LaRisa never completely forgets her heritage nor her hatred for the white man.

Dr. Spencer Colton knows first hand of the Apache's struggle and the horrible conditions they have been forced to endure in captivity. He has dedicated his life to healing and cannot bear seeing his patients die. So when Chee's dying wish is to see his daughter LaRisa, Spencer promises to bring her to Alabama.

LaRisa only marries Spencer as a ruse to see her father, but his last wish is that she stay married and escape the fate of her people. Though unwilling, LaRisa develops respect for Spencer and though he has vowed never to love, Spencer cannot deny his powerful attraction to LaRisa.

In Arizona both Spencer and LaRisa come to grips with their pride, and when she asks to return to her people he cannot willingly surrender his woman. It is only through their mutual love and trust that these two are able to vanquish the demons of the past.

With a stirring picture of the harsh reality of the Apache situation and great depth of emotion, Janice Reams Hudson draws readers into another unforgettable romance. No one will be immune to the power of this story or untouched by the tragedy of a proud people. Ms. Hudson gives us a beautiful, uplifting story proving the healing qualities of love. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin