Following the guidance of a dream vision, Ethan Nighthawk came to live among the Whites in Tucson and even took a new name. After being arrested for daring to rescue a prostitute from a white man, he has another spiritual dream in which hes guided by his namesake bird, the night hawk, to meet a woman with sun-colored hair who leaves behind the feathers of an owl, a bad omen for an Apache.

Photographer Mariah Corbett, with golden hair, needs a new assistant and protector due to her uncles injury. She visits the jail the following day to hire Ethan Nighthawk as her guide.

Despite the problems presented by their different cultures and by bigotry, their intense attraction soon develops into love. Trusting in this love and adjusting to the demanding changes it brings comes to them more slowly, and ultimately depends on Nighthawks ability to understand and fulfill the guidance of his dreams.

With a combination of impeccable Apache lore, the undercurrent of a dream quest, and a moving secondary romance, Holly Harte creates a spirited and eloquent cross-cultural romance. Sensual (Oct., 302 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger