For three years Jenny Brandon has been an Apache captive. Desperate to escape, she sets her hopes on new prisoner, half-breed Ryder Fallon who betrayed the Apache to the cavalry and was then captured.

As the two plot their escape, they become attracted to one another. But they must be very careful, for Jenny is one of the chiefs wives. Their plans are put in jeopardy when Jenny becomes pregnant, but she insists on continuing with the escape. When they are caught, Ryder saves their lives by giving away Jennys newborn son.

A heartbroken Jenny vows to hate Ryder after he brings her back to civilization and her husband, Hank but Ryder discovers that his life is empty without Jenny.

Jenny returns to the Apache and her son, but Ryder and Hank go after her. Hank is captured while Jenny and Ryder find freedom for a while. This time, when the Apache arrive, Jenny must make the decision that will save them.

The lovers begin a new life together and all is well until Hank returns from the dead to claim his wife.

Madeline Baker has done it again! A heroine married to a man she doesnt love and in love with a man she is sworn to hate. This romance is poignant, adventurous and action-packed. A must read for Indian Romance fans. SENSUAL (Feb., 415 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer