It really isnt Libbie Winters idea that she marry embittered and hate-filled army officer Philip Van Harring-ton. Libbie is far more fascinated with the half-breed Apache scout known as Cougar.

Cougar despises the way the white officials treat the Indian scouts. How-ever, he senses a kindred spirit in Libbie, and gifts her with his prized possession, his necklace made of Apache Tears.

Libbie treasures Cougars gift, wearing it close to her heart. But treachery and lies convince Cougar that Libbie is like all the others and would betray his friendship. Then Philip goes on a rampage, attacking the Apaches and arresting three men to be hanged.

Fate brings Libbie and Cougar together once more and love flares between them. But they are caught in the middle of a great conflict and soon learn that love alone will not set them free, nor bring peace to the land and both their people. Somehow they must find the means to erase the hatred.

Georgina Gentry paints vivid and powerful pictures of the West and the conflict between Indian and settlers. In APACHE TEARS, she brings us into the world of the army and the Apache and into the hearts of all her characters, making the story all the more vivid and powerful. Her three dimensional characters and their intense love story will embed itself in readers minds and hearts. SENSUAL (Dec., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin