After finally breaking ties with his villainous Outcast father Hieronymous Black, Mordichai has thrown himself into his work as an official Protector. Mordi is highly suspicious when he learns that Hieronymous claims to have seen the error of his ways and applies for re-assimilation into the Protector society.

Halfling Isole Frost has recently been promoted to a level-V re-assimilation counselor. With her promotion comes a huge task—verify that Hieronymous truly has repented and will now work for the good of mortals. Issy is not thrilled when she learns that her assistant is none other than the infamous Mordi Black.

Issy's special empath skills tell her that Hieronymous is on the level, but Mordi refuses to believe it. He knows his father too well. The problem is that Mordi's convictions are putting him on a collision course with the all-too-attractive Issy.

Charming bad boy Mordi finally gets his own story in Kenner's latest gem. From the first, Mordi has been a wonderful villain/antihero just begging for his own redemptive tale. Aphrodite's Flame delivers humor and thrills, plus much more. (Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith