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Though he works as a romance cover model and superhero, Protector First Class Hale has little time for romance. He also has a pretty negative view of most mortals. He and his half-sister Zoe are called before the Council of Protectors for a vital mission. They must retrieve the legendary Aphrodite's Girdle before rogue former protector Hieronymous gets his hands on it. In the hands of a mortal woman, it will make men fall head over heels in love. In the hands of Hieronymous, it will make the entire world subject to his whims.

The last mortal who had possession of the girdle was silent screen star Tahlula Tannin. The Council suspects that Tahlula's granddaughter, animal trainer Tracy Tannin, has inherited it.

Wallflower Tracy Tannin is having a very bad week. While going through her deceased grandmother's items, she finds a unique belt. Wearing it seems to give Tracy a feeling of courage, so she adds it to her wardrobe. Almost immediately strange things begin to happenlike men throwing themselves at her feet. Tracy has even garnered interest from the all too handsome Hale. What on earth is going on?

Julie Kenner does it again! This follow-up to the hilarious and amazing APHRODITE'S KISS is filled with the same sense of fun and originality as the first. Excellent reading! (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith