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Image of Apparition (The Hungry Ghosts)


Image of Apparition (The Hungry Ghosts)

n the third book in the Hungry Ghosts series, MacGregor establishes that she’s not afraid to inflict major changes on her setting and cast; most of the characters don’t have any kind of immunity from plot-driven harm, and that goes double for those unlucky enough not to be protagonists. MacGregor also cleverly eschews a simple opposition of evil vs. good. But while there is a lot of steady action, there’s somewhat less actual plot, and given the existence of reincarnation in this setting, permanently eliminating someone can be tricky business. Fans of the series will enjoy this installment, but those unfamiliar with the Hungry Ghosts may be less interested.

Once again the mystical town of Esperanza, home to the mystically enlightened, finds itself the battleground between hungry ghosts and the hosts they wish to possess. Worse, while an army of three million predatory specters is itself a threat to our plane of existence, the community itself is divided. As portions of the town are eaten by Stygian blackness, Tess, Ian and the others must contend with the extremists who would annihilate the city to save it. (TOR, Nov., 336 pp., $26.99)
Reviewed by: 
James Davis Nicoll