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Image of By Appointment Only

Start with a sultry but cynical heroine. Mix in a patient but scorching hero, quirky elderly characters and scenes that will have you laughing or reaching for the ice to cool down. Finally, add secondary couples that tug on your heartstrings. The result is a page-turner that has all the ingredients for a sexy, fun-loving read.

Running out of a church like a runaway bride, Hannah Quarles smacks into Morgan Webber. Without stopping, she runs to her car, locates an item and dashes back into the church. From that moment, Morgan is smitten. Pursuing Hannah, he breaks down her defenses, until she admits she loves him too. They become engaged, but Hannah's skittish when it comes to marriage. Thinking premarital sexual counseling will solve their problems, they sign up, and Hannah learns that marriage may be more sensually fulfilling than any of her preconceived notions. When the unexpected occurs, she realizes marriage might also be worth fighting for. (NAL, Jul., 272 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bella March