Tess Gerritsen makes the summer sizzle with THE APPRENTICE. The storyline is swiftly paced and taut, the forensic and pathological details make for mesmerizing reading, and the final pages pack a punch!

Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli is called to nearby Newton to examine a case of brutally murdered man and his missing wife, the scene seems to be the work of "The Surgeon," a crazed serial killer whom Rizzoli put behind bars a year ago. Sure there's a copycat at work but that "The Surgeon" has a hand in it, Rizzoli joins the case.

When the wife of Rizzoli's victim is found, it becomes clear that this killer has been abducting, brutalizing and killing women for quite some time. When a Boston man is murdered and his wife abducted, Jane has her work cut out for her but there are complicating factors. For some reason, the FBI, in the form of the handsome Gabriel Dean, attaches itself to the case.

But the true horror begins when "The Surgeon" escapes from prison and begins to taunt Jane. Will feisty Detective Rizzoli be able to escape the clutches of these two vengeful killers long enough to get them locked away for good?

(Aug., 352 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg