When local author Emma Clyde agrees to hold a book signing for her latest, WHODUNNIT, at mystery bookstore Death on Demand, shop owner Annie Darling comes up with a marvelous publicity stunt. Instead of having one contest for mystery lovers, she'll hold two! She plans to distribute leaflets announcing the signing and the contest.

Unfortunately, someone gets wind of the idea and distributes leaflets of their own. These leaflets hint at past local scandals, including a possible murder or two, and a reward is offered. These leaflets cause uproar and Annie tries to straighten things out.

The leaflets also make someone very nervous and murder is the result. At first it's thought that the dead person was the prankster but Annie is able to prove otherwise. Soon, with the help of her charming husband, Max, Annie is hot on the trail of a killerbut not before he strikes again.

The Death on Demand series never loses its charm, not only because of the likability of the characters but because of the well-plotted puzzles they contain. APRIL FOOL DEAD shows Ms. Hart at her finest and as a treat, there are two mystery quizzes for fans of the genre! (Apr., 320 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg