Carter does a wonderful job of combining fantasy and romance to draw readers into this brief but entertaining escape from reality. The heroine is enchanting as she tries to fit into a world different from her own. The secondary characters add to the story, and descriptions of the lake setting are well done. Erotic sexual encounters are romantic, and those who like happy endings won't be disappointed.

Adam is only forty four, but a heart attack convinces him it's time to give up his job in the city and move to his lake property. He'll need money, so he plans to subdivide the land.

Adam has no idea that an immortal Undine lives in his lake. Melia is a water elemental and cannot lose her home, so she plans to seduce Adam and convince him not to sell. But she may lose her heart in the process.

(, dl $4.00)

Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski