Image of Archangel of Mercy


Image of Archangel of Mercy

Fallen angel falls in love? Oooh, count me in! Except that the dark side of our titular archangel, Gabriel (that’s Gabe to you), is demonstrated by having him sexually coerce a lot of women in a way that’s probably supposed to be smolderingly sinful but is actually just creepy. Readers may spend the first third of the book desperately longing for a scene in which adorable heroine Aurora socks him in the jaw. Instead, it just turns out that he’s harboring a past tragedy, which doesn’t excuse the vile behavior but does turn the rest of the book into a rather sweet tale of redemption with some smokin’-hot sex thrown in.

When Aurora attempts to use her psychic powers to breach dimensions and help save her mother’s sanity, she wakes up with a fallen archangel on top of her — and he’s just as baffled about how he got there as she is. As she fights her intense attraction to him long enough to get some answers, it emerges that she’s managed to attract the attention of some of the nastiest beings in the universe. If Gabe doesn’t protect her, nothing will. But how can she trust herself to an angel who’s lost his wings, consorts with demons and wants nothing more from her than mind-melting sex? (HEAT, Dec., 353 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jaysen Scott