Image of Archangel's Legion (A Guild Hunter Novel)


Image of Archangel's Legion (A Guild Hunter Novel)

For the newest chapter in the Guild Hunter saga, the focus returns to fan favorites Archangel Raphael and Guild Hunter (and new angel) Elena. The relationship between these dynamic individuals continues to be utterly compelling, especially when it is interwoven with a story rife with apocalyptic events. When it comes to delivering stupendous urban fantasy, no one does it better than Singh!

Elena and Raphael are still trying to deal with the return of Raphael’s immensely powerful mother, Caliane, and their epic battle with the “evolved” Lijuan when a new threat appears. Suddenly angels are literally falling from the skies and vampires are dying of a plague-like disease. Are these the result of the Cascade — a confluence of time and events leading to development of new powers amongst the Archangel Cadre? Elena and Raphael know they must find the source of this wave of death and destruction before it lays ruin to New York. A war between the archangels could be in the offing, and the results could devastate the world. (JOVE, Nov., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith