Desperation drives Archer Owens to hold Margaret Sheridan hostage when he escapes from jail after being unjustly convicted of murder. He has to find a way to refute Margarets twin brothers testimony and clear his name and shes his ace in the hole.

Stiff-necked, Eastern bred Margaret may be handcuffed but her sharp tongue cuts Archer down at every turn until she becomes ill and he nurses her back to health.

Margaret awakens with no memory and Archer seizes on the opportunity to change their identities and join a wagon train. As Brother Deke Carver and his wife, Sister Meg and their infant daughter, Molly (an orphan Archer adopts) they head for Oregon.

Margaret believes she is Meg Carver, a contented wife and mother. She even beleives that she deeply loves her husband and when he seems shy about sharing her bed Meg seduces him. All would be well, except that Margarets fianci is hot on their trail.

Their path is strewn with all manner of obstacles, but once Margaret regains her memory things get even more challenging for this mismatched pair.

Jean Barrett presents a highly original tale that relies on amnesia, but with a twist. Her likeable characters and their frying pan into the fire adventures keep the pages flying and the reader engrossed. SENSUAL (Apr., 397 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin