Eighteen years ago, Jessica Langford was miraculously rescued after being buried alive by the TandB Killer. Becoming a psychologist has helped her face her own fears as she helps others deal with their phobias. One night during her local radio show, a caller makes some statements that bring the horror rushing back. Is it a coincidence, or was the caller sending a message?

Homicide detective Jake Merridan has his hands full with the murders of two women. The placement of a lily with both bodies signals that a serial killer is on the loose. Despite having his hands full, Jake talks to Jessica about her disturbing phone calls. The attraction is immediate, and the discovery that they are both single parents comforting. But Jessica is firmly in the sights of the killer -- one who has been waiting years to finish the job.

One thing that makes this novel so terrific is the deft way that Cassidy blends together the suspense, romance and dramatic elements. The sense of fear that permeates this book is all the more eerie because of the potential emotional cost. Great stuff! (Mar., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith