Image of Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?: A Novel


Image of Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?: A Novel

This latest from the husband-and-wife country music duo known as Thompson Square is about two songwriters in search of musical success and true love. It touches on dreams envisioned and the perseverance, courage and strength it takes to hold onto them. Written in a lyrical style with a poignant combination of tenderness and rawness, this one’s a hit!

After Daniel Winter spies Casey Sparkland for the first time in their high school hallway, their lives entwine. They write a song together and from there a special connection forms. In college, both go their separate ways; Daniel pursues his music dream as Casey chooses a more conventional life. Years later, as Daniel’s music dream is dying, he decides to try and create that one perfect song. When he seeks out Casey one last time so he can share it with her, they both discover something amazing. (Howard, Jun., 384 pp., $19.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates