Image of The Argadian Heart Trilogy


Image of The Argadian Heart Trilogy

This erotic trilogy combines three fabulous love stories that were previously available in electronic format. Each tale builds on the plot and whets the reader's appetite for more. The characters are intensely emotional, and they turn up the heat with some intriguing anatomical differences that enhance their lovemaking. The multiple storylines intertwine smoothly and bring this future world to life.

"Book I: Eluria's Enforcer" features Devon Andromeda, whose memory was erased by the Argadian Tribunal. They made him into a killing machine, and his target is rebel leader Eluria Zydon. But she has an antidote that will restore his memory and reveal their shared past. In "Book II: Kierra's Thread," Devon must confront her tortured memories of being enslaved by the Argadian Tribunal. In "Book III: Ravager's Redemption," one memory haunts recovered enforcer Daelyn Kapri - a memory of the day she seduced and betrayed Devon's brother, Alekos, a notorious rebel and the man she loves. (AMBER HEAt, Feb., 240 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski