Image of The Armageddon Chord


Image of The Armageddon Chord

Wagner strikes a winning heavy-metal chord in this stunning story that foretells an End of Time beyond imagination. The author’s use ofmusic as a backdrop and his development of fascinating characters make for interesting reading in this enthralling tale.

When horribly disfigured Egyptologist Helmut unearths the sarcophagus of Aknaseth, he finds a book of hieroglyphics representing a song that will unleash Armageddon. His billionaire benefactor Festus sees his find as a way to cure his cancer and give him eternal power as a follower of Sethis, aka Satan. The song must be played on guitar to achieve the full effect, so the pair begins a search for the ultimate guitarist. They pull Kirk Vaisto, the so-called “God of Guitar” by his legions of fans, into their web of evil. Once he plays the song, Kirk realizes its potential for destruction as it destroys his recording studio. When Festus involves his daughter Mona and Kirk becomes attracted to her, she becomes a pawn in the diabolical scheme. (KNIGHT ROMANCE, Sep., 254 pp., $17.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown