The long-awaited first novel in Brooks' new trilogy is sure to thrill both devoted fans and newcomers alike. It delivers everything readers have come to expect from the bestselling author. The descriptive prose conveys a vivid sense of time and place, but it's the characters that propel the adventure. Each one has a strong backstory and clear-cut motives for their actions. Conflicts abound, and the book ends
on a suspenseful note that will have readers begging for more.

The never-ending struggle of good versus evil has always been kept in balance by the Knights of the Word.

But 50 years from now man has all but destroyed his world with pollution, nuclear weapons and plagues. The balance of power shifts to the evil side, the Void. Much of the population has already died, and those who are left barricade themselves in compounds against the mutants, freaks and demons that seek to exterminate them. The two remaining Knights, Logan Tom and Angel Perez, are destined to play a part in the inevitable confrontation. They may be humanity's last hope for a future. (del rey, Sep., 384 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski