Fleeing Los Angeles and his squalid past, Armando Garcia needs to start over. He never expects to do it on elderly Dora Chase's rundown farm near the town of Treasure, Oregon. Suspicious of the Hispanic drifter at first, Dora is desperate to remain on her beloved land and out of the retirement home, so the unlikely pair stands against meddling relatives and greedy land-grabbers out to plant a computer factory on her property. Armando loves farm life and discovers an affinity for the soil. He is fascinated with Dora's charming granddaughter, Olivia, but she has a problem with the fast life of booze and drugs. Armando must find his true treasure in God, not people or things, and Dora must forgive her son before all their lives are ruined. In ARMANDO'S TREASURE (4), Melody Carlson's gift for characterization creates a page-turner that will have readers rooting for nearly everyone by the end of the book. (Jan., 418 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson