What are two ghostly mothers to do when their beloved offspring are not finding wedded bliss? Meddle, of course! Ruth Newman and Sylvia Harris decide to take time from their heavenly bridge games to get involved in their children's lives.

Dan Newman is a highly successful neurosurgeon, whose demanding career takes up most of his time. Dan's prosthetic foot has never been a hindrance in the operating room, but has occasionally affected his romantic life.

Gayla's perfectionist father Eli Harris has never forgiven her for her failures, disowning her years ago. She has finally succeeded in putting her life back together after tragedy, loss and rejection sent her spinning out of control into alcohol and drugs.

With her father being Chief of Surgery, Gayla is none too impressed by doctors. So it comes as a surprise when an "accidental" meeting with Dan strikes sparks. Gayla and Dan quickly become a couple, but their future is lined with roadblocks. Although clean and sober, Gayla fears she could once again succumb to temptation and threaten their love. A bitter Eli threatens to sabotage Dan's career if he continues to see Gayla.

Watching from their heavenly perch, Ruth and Silvia are determined to join their children for Dan and Gayla deserve happiness. After all, this is a match arranged in heaven!

With each new novel, author Sara Jarrod's storytelling ability grow.s Dan and Gayla are two complex people with flaws and faults, but an incredible ability to love. Remarkable reading. (May, 290 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith